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GNoise is...

A gtk+ or gnome (you can ./configure it either way) wave file editor for Linux. Prime considerations were for it to be speedy and be able to handle big files. So far it can: load and display files, generate a display cache, play the file, cut, copy, paste, (unlimited) undo, mute, fade in/out, reverse, normalize, and more.


Sat Jan 25 15:17:20 EST 2003
The yearly update :). Actually, Jonny and I were discussing GNoise a while back and came up with a new internal architecture that I will implement for the upcomming Gtk2 version of GNoise. This means I am basically going to completly rewrite from scratch, which isn't a necessarily a bad thing. I should at least know some pitfalls to avoid this time. It will use a generic backend to get buffers of sample frames. I'm hoping to for example be able to plug in libsndfile or gstreamer.

As you can see, the website got a little update.

Sat Jan 12 22:24:08 EST 2002
I know, no news is not really good news, but whew, at least I updated this page before a year went by. Actually, I've been working on adding markers to GNoise and have just now got the first useful things done so there is a new (0.1.15) release.

Since my internet provider decided to shut down access to port 80 I've moved the web pages over to sourceforge (as if you didn't know that since you're reading it there). Along with the web page move comes a new screen shot of v0.1.15 so check it out!

Sat Jan 20 15:07:48 EST 2001
Well, I just put 0.1.9 up on sourceforge, it supports Gnome now (optional at configure time), and a config file so you can set a few defaults like not saving display cache files all over your hard drive for example. Theres a new screenshot of it down there too :)
Sat Oct 7 09:54:28 EDT 2000
I'm working on re-writing the play routine in GNoise because I ran into some trouble trying to keep the playline in sync at the end of a selection play when using ALSA drivers.

??? Sep ? ??:??:?? EDT 2000
GNoise was released on Source Forge, but no one knows about it yet because I only told my friend Chuck Moss.

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